What is jetboarding ?

Jetboarding is a broad term. So to make is easy for you to see what we do we made a video…. Check it out by clicking above on the What is Jetboarding ? link.

How fast do you go on your tours ?

Our general cruising speed is 5 knots which is approximately 9 km/hr (a jogging speed). We only operate within 200m of the shoreline to ensure your safety. Where allowable we can reach top speeds of up to 15km/hr.

What about bad weather?

Rotorua weather even in the summer can be unpredictable, chances are you will get wet on tour, so we don’t worry about a little rain or wind, we provide extra thermals to keep you cosy. However Safety is paramount at Rotorua Jetboard Tours and if the weather packs in we will cancel the tour and either re-book you for another day or refund your fee.

Is it safe?

Rotorua Jetboard Tours has a Maritime New Zealand approved Safety Case. This includes review and approval of our safety plan by Maritime New Zealand and independent warrant of fitness certification of our equipment. Our Guides are fully trained, well experienced and carry two forms of communications on every tour. You are equipped with Life Jackets which are checked that they fit correctly by the guide to ensure your safety. You will also be taken through a thorough safety induction alerting you of any possible hazards. Rest assure it is a safe and very fun activity!

Is it easy?

We love Jetboarding as it is basically SUPing (stand-up paddle boarding) made easy. If you are a bit wobbly at the knees, sitting down is welcomed! It is very easy and fun for ALL the Whanau (Family).

What happens if I fall off ?

Our electric jet-units have an automatic shutoff sensor in the event you disassociate yourself with your board. The boards are easy to remount, but if you find it difficult in the moment, one of our friendly guides will gratefully assist you to get back on your feet, knees or seat to keep riding.

more questions

If you want to know any more details we would love to chat with you. Please contact us by clicking on the question mark icon above.