About Our Team

those that make it all happen



Matt Barnard

Director, Partner, Entrepreneur, Tour Guide, Water man, Musician

Matt lives and breathes the outdoors. He has represented NZ for white water rafting and loves to surf in his spare time. He has lot’s of tourism experience and is very passionate about conservation. Matt is also a Musician and if you ask him nicely he might just sing you a song.

  • Tour Guide 75%
  • Director 50%
  • Relationships and Managment 50%

Nev Wilson

Director, Partner, Entrepreneur, Tour Guide, Water man, Engineer

Nev is a water sports Guru! From white water kayaking to surfing this man know’s it like the back of his hand.Nev joined the crew to create the perfect work/life balance to spend more time with his young family. Nev is passionate about giving you nothing but the best experience.

  • Tour Guide 25%
  • Director 50%
  • Relationships and Management 50%


If your going to do something, do it well. We strive to create the best within ourselves and others.


It is experiences that we remember, experiences that bring us together and experiences that shape us but we all need a friend to share those experiences with. We know how to have fun together and we foster a culture of friendliness in what we do.


We genuinely want you to have a great time and we genuinely want you to enjoy our amazingly lakes, learn their story and be impacted by their natural beauty. We value humility.


To remain safe, where possible, you must avoid doing unsafe acts that could otherwise be carried out safely. We foster a culture of safety within all that we do.

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