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Discover the magical, scenic and unique Rotorua Paddle Board tours provided by Rotorua Jetboard Tours. A new and exciting tour company based in Rotorua, the hub of New Zealand’s North Island adventure tourism activities. The company specializes in creating Rotorua paddle board tours with an element of adventure, natural discovery, high quality guide service and that are tailored to suite all skill levels from complete beginner to expert paddle board and jet board riders. The Rotorua Lakes district has over 18 official lakes that are steeped in volcanic history and geothermal activity making it the perfect place for paddle board exploration. The absence of tide or wave action and the multitude of sheltered bays on the lakes also make for regular optimal paddling conditions. Many lakes have natural hot water springs that bubble up from the depths and in one location on Lake Tarawera actually form a hot water beach perfect for bathing relaxation. This is one of the best Rotorua paddle board lake locations.

Rotorua Jetboard Tours are passionate about the Rotorua Lake environs and are even more passionate about creating experiences for their customers that really showcase the natural wonder of the land. Exploring on a Rotorua paddle board tour is such a great way to get out and about and see the sites of the region, its an easy activity that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Welcome to Paddle Board Rotorua ! One of the best activities to see the amazing Rotorua Lakes and a great thing to do in Rotorua.

Paddle Board Rotorua (formerly Rotorua Jetboard Tours) are the Rotorua Lakes paddle-boarding and jet boarding tour guide specialists. Masters on the water, friendly in nature and professional in service we create and deliver incredible tours.





Yeah yeah, enough talk - I just want to go SUP-ing.....

We provide the use of wetsuits, gloves and booties to keep you warm during the adventurous winter tours


Rotorua, Rotorua Lakes District, New Zealand


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